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      Jean Johnson

        Hello again,

        We think someone asked us for an update on this, so here goes!

        Thanks for previous help and advice re our big rust issue, underneath. We wanted to get it fixed ready to use in April, lockdown allowing, but have had great difficulty finding anyone who is ‘properly’open to diagnose and fix.
        We’ve finally found a garage in Newhaven, who seem good and experienced …. but the rust and corrosion and crumbling are far worse than initially thought. We’ve been shocked and dismayed to see underneath 😕, and the guy has filmed it too, now he has taken the various panels off. ( If anyone wants to see the film, for info and planning, we can copy and send) It’s sadly literally riddled with rust, and dangerously so, according to the garage.

        Its extensive on both sides, and front and back, requiring new panels, sills, and much clearing and welding. He’s having difficulty sourcing parts, but is quite creative in getting back to the drawing board, and sorting himself. It will all take considerable time .. and probs a big bill at the end !😟

        We will get it treated underneath once the work is completed.

        We rather stupidly did not have a survey done before purchase, and would strongly advise having one.

        We will let you know once sorted.

        Thanks again for help and support!


        Erwin and Jean

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          I’ve posted this on the Little Exsis Group facebook page.

          I would be interested in viewing the film and if you don’t mind I will post it on the facebook page


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          Jean Johnson

            Hi Tom,

            I tried to reply earlier, but don’t think it registered. If you can send me your email address, I can send the video that way, not sure how to do it on this site.

            Jean and Erwin

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            Just a quick question was the black plastic blanking cap still in place on the chassis or missing as I had to replace mines as fell out. If not in place water dirt etc. can enter the chassis above the jacking points and travel along the chassis causing internal corrosion.




            Martin Connell



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