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      Barry & Maggie

        Welcome to the NEW Exsis Owners

        My sincere apologies for all the myriad of problems on the old “exsis owners forum”.

        I hope you all enjoy this new site and don’t forget, thanks to Tom Mulcahy, we still have access to all the content of the old site via his “Little Exsis Book”.

        Good luck and best wishes and we look forward to hearing from you all – questions, ideas, information, pictures… or just a “Hello”!

        Barry and Maggie

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          Hi well done with the new site, it looks very clean and modern.

          I enjoy reading all the posts from the old site but as you said some times you just could get into it.

          Again well done.


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            Hello! just got the email so here I am on the new modern site.
            Well done and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.

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              Wow – this is a massive improvement Barry. Well done and thank you for all your hard work. We are off to Spain and Portugal soon, so maybe we will post new photos of our trip on your shiny new website. Love Ted and Ali (and Hector).

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                What a refreshing new site, well done.  I can’t imagine the work involved in doing something like this, you have my dmiration sir, Many many thanks from Penny and I.

                All the best

                Harvey and Penny

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                Fred & Gill

                  Yes, thank you Barry & team

                  So nice to see some familiar faces above

                  Looks like I have some learning to do in profile

                  Questions Barry:

                  Seems there is no PM facility?

                  No Photo Gallery – so informative step by step posts are added where?

                  Well done,


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                  Barry & Maggie

                    Thanks for your nice comments, folks.

                    The real power behind this site is my son, Stephen.  He has sorted all the things that needed to be bought to get this site like this – making it work for the least amount of money.  I think he’s done a brilliant job and it seems you do too.  He will be responsible for the security of the site and sorting out all the little glitches that will occur from time to time (like the capital letters in the Forum!  He’s working on that now)

                    Photos will go in the Forum, Fred – just like the old Photo Gallery but shuffled in with the Forum posts.  It’s maybe not as convenient, but it all started to get difficult to create, with the purchase of yet more ‘plug-ins’ needed to make it all work.

                    As far as PMs are concerned, the same difficulties started to raise their head – I had to call a halt to the expense somewhere.  And messages for other Members can always either be routed through me OR a request for private contact can be made via me – I’ll pass on all requests.  not as convenient i know (certainly not for me) but cheaper and simpler!!

                    I hope this all works out for everybody.  It’s not a “money no object” site but it works and will reliably serve its purpose.

                    I commend it to the House…!!

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                    Chris and Peter

                      Fantastic job, Stephen and Barry. A HUGE (in caps!) thanks for all the time and effort you put in to the “old” forum as well as for this achievement!

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                        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi thank you for taking the time to create this new site it looks much better than the old one thanks again</p>

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                        Tom and Phyllida

                          Thank you Barry – a terrific improvement ( I never did manage to use the old site).


                          My only comment to fellow users is that it seems unfair for Barry to shoulder all of the cost for setting up and maintaining this new site.

                          How about us all contributing say £20 when we join to cover the cost of setting it up ?


                          Tom and Phyllida

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                          Barry & Maggie

                            That’s EXTREMELY kind of you to offer that, Tom & Phyllida and I’m very grateful.

                            I thought long and hard years ago about whether or not to charge for using the site…  I came to the firm decision not to, for a variety of reasons, among which were the practical application of running the charges, the aspirations of those contributors vs what a small, select group of us can provide (a large site costs virtually the same to run as a tiny one like ours), my desire to not display venality when pursuing what, for me, is a pleasant pasttime, and so on.

                            I have had similar offers over the years from other extremely kind, staunch members and although I’ve been very grateful for those kind thoughts, I’ve declined for some or all of the reasons stated.

                            I derive a lot of satisfaction from running this site and it would spoil my relationship with you all, and your expectations too, if I charged you.


                            The costs are comparatively modest (at the moment!) and I’m happy for things to continue like this – me having a great time running the place and you all having a great time (I hope!) reading some good stuff supporting your travels in the best motorhome EVER!


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                            Dave & Sharon

                              Well done Barry. New site works ok on my phone 😎

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                              Barry & Maggie

                                Thanks, Dave.  Hope the racing is going well and you’ve not been beaten by your son too many times this season!  🙂

                                Stephen has sorted the Capital Letter problem on Forum responses, and will be looking at the “oversized” avatars and profile names soon.  This is most noticeable on mobile ‘phones where the post is squeezed over onto the right hand side.  My workaround until it gets fixed is to turn the phone on it’s side – read it sideways and the problem almost disappears.

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                                  Morning all… I’m a bit late to the party but, crumbs, what a bobby dazzler of a new site. Big thanks Barry for driving it (and us!) so wonderfully. It’s really grand.

                                  I shall look forward to coming over and posting silly and sensible things, looking (and as always, finding) answers to questions about the van, and generally sharing the love. I sat in it in the rain the other day, on the drive, just because I felt like i needed a big van hug!

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                                    I’m even later to the party but huge congratulations to all involved it’s a massive improvement and it works !!


                                    craig & joan

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                                    Barry & Maggie

                                      Thanks Katy.

                                      You always make me chuckle with your infectious enthusiasm for your Exsis!

                                      And you sometimes express exactly what I feel about ours, too!

                                      “Keeping Exsis’ Exsis-ting” should be our mantra.  Whaddya think, eh?  🙂

                                      And thanks Craig & Joan, and all the other Exsisupporters.


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