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        Great new website.

        Windscreen seal need replaced.Any suggestions where I can source one.I have not been able to trace.Will really appreciate some help.


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        Fred & Gill

          Have you tried the sealant route first?

          When I had mine done quite a few years ago, I simply took it to ‘National Windscreens ‘ who have a depot in Bath and they ordered the rubber seal, which I think only took 7-10 days to arrive .

          At the time they stated a disclaimer about the risk of breaking the windscreen and that would be my risk.

          Given that quite a few more years have elapsed, perhaps it would be more risky now.

          I had a problem from perhaps a year or so old, which led to me being in dispute with Brownhills and Hymer had to intervene and tell them ‘to get on with it’. Brownhills made a half hearted attempt to put a bit of sealant into the top corner, which didn’t work and soon leaked again after a few months.

          That’s when I first went to National Windscreens and they did a better job of putting sealant in that lasted perhaps over a year – and then we decided to try the new rubber seal route.

          Luckily there  was no problem with the windscreen and it has not leaked since (fingers crossed).

          They did make the comment that the fit between the glass fibre bodywork and the windscreen could have been a better match and that would not have helped if sufficient care was not taken originally.

          True or not ? They used adequate  sealant to produce a good seal.

          I believe that Russel also had this done and also mentioned the sealant.

          I know that our wonderful ‘web master’ Barry had a new windscreen fitted a couple of years ago and I  think that he had that done by Auto glass.

          best wishes, Fred

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          Barry & Maggie

            Yes, Fred – wotta memory!

            I had my windscreen replaced by Autoglass Special Vehicles Division (or similar name).

            It took a week or so to arrive (screen and new rubber) and I mentioned to the Autoglass guys about the leak problems some of you were having.  They were confident there would be no leaks and, true to their word, there have been none.

            Fitting the original windscreen with a new rubber is problematic because of how brittle “old” glass becomes.  This is why it’s always offered at the customer’s risk. My last but one motorhome had rust round the scuttle, below the screen and I had a local windscreen guy take the windscreen out one day, then replace it (with a new rubber) a couple of days later, when I’d dealt with the rust and resprayed.  It all went well.

            A new rubber, purpose made for the Exsis, will be available from Hymer (see ”Contacts” for ‘phone numbers). I don’t think our screens should present too much of a problem, certainly not taking it out, which is just cutting the rubber.  Plenty of a continuous bead of mastic on both grooves of the rubber should ensure that it’s watertight.

            Good luck, Milo.

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