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        <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hi all, has anyone any knowledge of where to source spare parts for a 2004 RHD SK windscreen wiper mechanism? Specifically, I need a replacement ball joint for the offside (driver’s side) part of the mechanism. Unfortunately a day or two ago the driver’s side lever which drives the spigot on the back of the windscreen wiper came off and has damaged the ball joint. I’d like to add that this incident occurred in South Devon, quite close to where Barry lives and I would like to put on record my thanks to Barry for helping to patch up the system using good old cable ties! I have found a local garage who will be able to reattach the drive lever to the back of the windscreen wiper spigot and hopefully this will see me on the road for awhile but I do need to find a new ball joint. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Mike.</p>

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        Barry & Maggie

          Glad to be able to help you, Mike, and also glad that garage was able to assist. A bit of luck there!

          Good luck with this – its just the sort of odd problem that can face any owner in the years to come.

          Best wishes to you both, and enjoy the trip!


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