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        Can anyone recommend a good winterised cover for my Exsis? Many thanks

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        Barry & Maggie

          Assuming this is a “total vehicle” cover, and not just windscreen covers?  (Windscreen covers have been well discussed on here – search).

          I’m possibly not the best person to comment on “total covers” because I don’t like the idea of them and I really don’t see the need for them.  I know people cover caravans occasionally.

          My prejudices come under two headings…

          The need for a cover – Our Exsis’ are based on commercial vehicle chassis’, where the greater damage from the elements is on the underside, the chassis.  The bodywork is protected by enamel/fibreglass/plastic which, if kept polished and the rubbers silicon’d, should happily weather a winter without any damage except dirt/leaves.  Just make sure it’s well polished before lay-up.

          What a cover will do – Yes, a cover will keep the dratted high roof clean of dirt and leaves, but it will billow to some extent, damp wind WILL blow around under the cover.  It will flap somewhat and therefore rub the sides and roof, and although the backing is soft with the material breathable, rubbing and wear spots are a possibility.   I cannot see the need for what is a VERY expensive item, difficult (because of the height) to put on and take off, and all just to keep a bit of dirt off the polished finish – rainwater does no harm.  A jet wash in March would clean that, followed by a polish and Hey Presto!

          They offer no extra “security”, as I’ve seen advertised.  A Stanley knife would soon give access to door lock/window, where a thief could then operate “under cover”, so to speak!

          So… that’s my prejudices!  No, I’m not a fan of them but if you still desire to fit one, I would just recommend getting the best you can afford – a cheap one will surely disappoint.

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            Barry & Maggie, many thanks for your prompt and comprehensive response, you’ve certainly given me food for thought! I may hold off this winter, invest in some quality wax, and see how the van gets on. I agree with you, it will be a labourious effort putting it on and off, especially when we intend a few winter days away. Again, thanks for the reply and congratulations on this great new website!



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            Barry & Maggie

              Thank you, Leigh.

              As far as “polishing”, I would concentrate on the roof which receives possibly the least attention from owners (I know mine does, or rather doesn’t!).  Of course everywhere else could do with a good coat of polish too, but it’s the horizontal, out-of-sight roof that suffers.

              Forgive me describing the following but some members may not have this information.  Choosing a polish is problematic in that there are now a lot of “quick fix” products that purport to give you a shine with little or no effort, even some that need no water even.  They contain silicones and a variety of other revolutionary products but… crucially, they don’t give long-lasting PROTECTION.  Carnauba wax gives an acknowledged best protection but few products contain much carnauba because a) it’s so expensive and b) it’s so hard to apply!  I’ve used Zymol on my motorcycle and it’s superb – https://tinyurl.com/y8dto2gf

              But a slightly cheaper alternative for the motorhome could be Meguire’s.  This is among the best, particularly for the metallic silver, red and blue Exsis’ https://tinyurl.com/y9euadla but this is maybe an easier product to apply https://tinyurl.com/y94zqbbs .  Any of the really good polish people (Autoglym, Turtle, etc.) will do a good product, but the importance is finding one with, imho, a large % of carnauba wax, 30%+ if possible.

              I’d be pleased to hear of other’s experiences with not only winter covers for motorhomes but also the various polishes that they’ve found to be effective.  I know that in the garage I’ve got a lot of bottles of part used stuff I’ve bought and then side-lined…!

              One final tip, mentioned on here before but, as we’re approaching winter, maybe a good time to repeat it.  Use silicon (spray or grease) on all the sealing rubbers round the Exsis – mainly door/boot rubbers but also the sliding window rubber and maybe even the windscreen rubber (DON’T get any on the glass!).  This forms a protective, slippery barrier on the rubber/plastic and stops it sticking to the frame when it’s frosty or icy.  Silicon can often be cheaply obtained in Lidl in the form of an aerosol, or from plumbers merchants, B&Q, etc., as either a silicon spray or a small tub of grease.  It’s also important to do this if you’re laying-up the Exsis, not necessarily over winter.

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