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        Just a quick one here, noticed the blades on Helga where smearing a bit, measured them at 21.5″ Then remembered I had a spare from our old motorhome, dug it out but it was 26″ Thought I would give it a go and as you can see from the pic fits a treat and obviously get a lot more clear screen. (old blade propped on top for comparison)

        It is one of the flat aero wipers, about £8 from amazon/ebay. Got a 22″ for the passenger side.

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        Barry & Maggie

          Yes, I have “oversize” wipers, it’s a great idea.  I can’t remember what size I ended up with – the only downside is that the offside misses the last bit of glass at the bottom, where it curves round.

          I’ve also moved mine round on the spindle to get maximum glass-wipe where I look – mine is LHD.  They were too far down and therefore stopped well before vertical.

          I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rain X windscreen water repellent (or similar products).  Makes looking out of the unwiped areas of our huge screens so much better.

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            evening all

            I use Rain x  on all our vehicles. I was given a bottle by someone who stayed at our farm after doing the Peking to Paris in a 1930’s  American Ford. He also gave me some anti fog for the inside which is also worthwhile. I don’t know what it’s called ; he picked it up in Russia!


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            Barry & Maggie

              Thanks, Noz.

              I’ve been an enthusiast of RainX for many years and keep on about it here, because our huge windscreens, further away from us, react to the clarity RainX gives better than, say, a smaller, closer saloon’s screen.

              It also stops bugs sticking quite so firmly.  Bonus!

              A good product.


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