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      Barry & Maggie

        Dear friends,

        I have just made charitable donations of £195 each to two charities on behalf of Exsis Owners Forum, as follows –

        “Your donation will now be transferred safely to Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity so they can continue their amazing work.
        Billing name – Exsis Owners
        Payment Method – PayPal
        Receipt Reference – 253736907
        Donation Date – 27 July 2020
        Charity Name – Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity
        Charity Registration Number – 1043603 “


        “NHS Charities Together
        Your donation:
        Donation Reference:
        NHS Charities Together
        Your total payment will show as ‘Virgin Money Giving’ on your statement.”

        Because you sent the money to me, to disburse as I felt was needed (to support Exsis Owners Forum, including making charitable donations) I have been able to also claim Tax Relief on these donations  of over £48 EACH!

        So, a massive thank you to you all who contributed, and especially not forgetting Chris, without whose generosity on taking over the site “rent free”, enabled these monies to be sent to charity.

        I have not made all the individual contributors known – you know who you are, and you should also be aware that some contributions came from members in countries elsewhere in Europe.  Thank you again, one and all.

        (If anyone needs proof of donation, I can forward the relevant emails)

        What a fantastic group Exsis Owners are!

        With my best wishes and sincere thanks to you all.


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